The Beginning Why Piranha Fish Are Considered Terrible Animals – Some animals on Earth get excessive bad stigma. One of them is piranha fish.
Piranha fish are often described as “demons” in the waters that are able to devour prey larger than his body in just an instant. In the thriller, piranhas are even described as happy to attack and prey on humans by sliding out of the water. Are they really as brutal as this?

Actually, it’s not like that. If we find out where this evil piranha rumor came from, then the answer starts with Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt.
After the crushing defeat of Woodrow Wilson in the 1912 United States presidential election, Roosevelt began active adventure. He followed the “River of doubt” in the depths of the Amazon valley, which later changed its name to “Roosevelt River”.
On the expedition, nineteen people departed, but only 16 returned alive. Various obstacles confront them, including illness, injury, lack of food, fatigue, drowning, murder, and others. In fact, Roosevelt returned to the United States in a state of near death due to foot injury and infection.

Despite all the tempest experienced by the expedition team, Brazil was honored to have a visit from an important figure. Roosevelt was the first North American statesman to visit the Amazon jungle. Therefore, the local government wants to give the best impression by showing authentic entertainment on the Amazon.

According to a report from a tropical fish expert , HR Axelrod, a local fisherman isolated Rio Aripuana, a river in Brazil, with nets as long as 90 meters on orders from local authorities. They spend weeks just feeding the river corner that is inaccessible to hundreds of piranhas, making the fish very hungry.
Roosevelt and his flock did not know the brutality of piranhas in the Amazon had actually been designed in such a way. They were only given the story that before that no one had ever entered the river there because the inhabitants were terrible.
So, to prove the story, the residents brought an old cow who was a prisoner and pushed him into the river. Hundreds of starving piranhas quickly attack these cows and create ripples on the surface of the water which are then filled with blood. A few minutes later, only the clean skeleton of the cow was removed from the river. This event clearly left a terrible impression on Roosevelt.

“They are the most ferocious fish in the world. Even the most formidable fish, sharks or barracudas, usually attack things smaller than themselves. However, piranhas used to attack objects far larger than their size, “Roosevelt wrote in the book Through the Wilderness of Brazil about his expeditions, as reported by IFL Science .

“Razor-toothed teeth shaped like shark teeth, and jaw muscles that have great strength … The head with its short snout, its eyes gazing fiercely, and its jawed gaping grim, is a manifestation of the cruel cruelty; and the action is exactly the same as its appearance.”
Unfortunately, almost all the piranha shows in the film are actually portrayed in such a flash. It is rare to find a more accurate explanation that piranhas are not as brutal as that. This fish even tends to release its bite on humans.
A scientific study in 2003 described very few human cases that were eaten by piranhas. At least, three of the piranha attacks only occur after the person dies due to other causes, such as drowning or heart failure. This research confirms that most piranhas prefer to eat rotten fish or carcasses, rather than living humans.

Because of the scarcity of documentation on these fish, it is rarely known that piranha attacks usually consist of only one bite. Even in the majority of cases, humans can instead freely swim in rivers filled with piranhas.

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