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Indonesian Betta Fish Penetrates the Export Market – The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) through the Directorate General of Strengthening Competitiveness of Marine Products and Fisheries (DG PDSPKP) in collaboration with the Indo Betta Splendens Community (InBS) held a Betta fish contest last weekend at the Raiser of Ornamental Fish in Cibinong Bogor.

This contest is a friendly event for lovers of betta fish and education for the public to love the beauty and beauty of the betta fish tail pattern .

Plt. The Head of the KKP Fisheries Product Implementation Center (BBP2HP), M. Wahidin said that Indonesia is currently one of the potential countries in the world in the field of ornamental fish. So far, ornamental fish has been exported to the United States, China, Singapore, Japan and Australia, including Betta Fish (Betta Splendens) as an export commodity.

Story of Acehnese Men Gaining Peng from Ornamental Fish
“But ornamental fish commodities in general have not yet made a major contribution to the acquisition of non-oil and gas export earnings, but that does not mean ornamental fish is underestimated because its potential is very good going forward,” he said in a written statement in Jakarta, Tuesday (9/24/2019 ).

In this activity, the breeders and betta lovers compete to show the superiority and beauty of their betta fish. Betta characters are usually based on their appearance and color. Each cross that has a distinctive shape and character will be given its own name.

The enthusiasm of the lovers to join the betta fish contest is quite good. A total of 378 fish originating from Java, Bali, Sumatra, Sulawesi and Kalimantan participated. The judging also involved judges with international Betta Congress (IBC) evaluation standards namely Mr. Daniel Indarta and Mr. Stevanus Sihol.

The Chairman of InBS, Andry Kurniawan said, InBS has been established since 2005 and currently InBS already has 300 members spread across 7 Chapters, Serpong (center), Riau Islands, Bali, Batam, South Sumatra, East Kalimantan and West Kalimantan.

“Year 2020 is ready to hold a betta contest at the Satker BBP2HP (Center for Fisheries Product Application Testing) Raiser Cibinong three times a year and hopes to form a new chapter in Cibinong Bogor Regency so that the betta fish lovers can independently organize it by continuing to work with the National InBS , “Said Andry.

Encourage the Growth of Ornamental Fish, Coordinating Minister of Luhut Will Ease Permits
Vacation in Palembang, Don’t Forget to Stop by the Ornamental Fish Village
Various types of ornamental fish will be on display in the ornamental fish village of Ilir Timur II Palembang District ( / Nefri Inge)
The Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, officially closed the biggest Asian fish exhibition and contest event titled Nusantara Aquatic (Nusatic) 2018, at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD, Tangerang, Sunday (12/02/2018).

Present with his wife, Coordinating Minister Luhut who was wearing a plaid cream colored shirt combined with black trousers, had the opportunity to see first hand some of the fish who were winners of the contest. Not spared, giant sized koi fish are the center of attention.

On this occasion, the Coordinating Minister for Luhut who was also accompanied by the Chairman of Nasutic, Sugiarto, also appeared to have carried out a serious dialogue several times. In fact, Sugiarto had expressed his complaints about licensing which he considered to be still overlapping in the Ministry of Institution sector.

Responding to the complaint, Menko Luhut stressed that he would support and facilitate the licensing process for ornamental fish entrepreneurs. He said he promised to embrace all relevant Ministries or Institutions to provide permits.

“I think the government will help. Earlier there was a problem that was conveyed by the licensing. One door would be opened so that it would be easy. If there was a permit issue, let me know. All permits would be facilitated,” said Coordinating Minister Luhut in his remarks.

The Coordinating Minister Luhut said that licensing is a national interest going forward. According to him, this is not just talking about business problems, but more than that. With the ease of licensing, it is expected to increase export growth, especially in ornamental fish.

“I will give permission for one door so do not bother. We are the largest archipelago country, the government will support do not hesitate,” he concluded.

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