Finding Dory

‘Finding Dory’, Entered the List of the Most Profitable Animations of All Time – After thirteen years of ‘Finding Nemo’, Pixar finally released its sequel titled ‘Finding Dory’ which was released this June. A week running on cinema screens around the world, the film was positively welcomed by the public and pocketed a staggering income.

Made with a budget of $ 200 million, ‘Finding Dory’ has pocketed a total income of up to $ 228 million to date. An achievement that made Dory a ‘star’ who managed to steal the attention of filmgoers.

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Previously ‘Finding Nemo’ had a chance to make an achievement as a film that could provoke laughter to drain tears for Pixar production house. Now Dory’s presence is not much different.

Dory came in second as the most lucrative animation of all time in the premiere behind ‘Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs’ which was released in 2009. In total the third part of the film series ‘Ice Age’ managed to reap revenues of up to $ 887 million worldwide .

The realization of a touching fantasy story Dory the forgetful fish was actually outside the plan. The director, Andrew Stanton had refused to make Dory as a sequel to ‘Finding Nemo’.

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